The Burning Bush

"TREE OF LIFE". 1986. Oil on canvas.

      The painting depicts an sypherotic system ofhierarchic beings, representing ten levels of the spiritial staircase. Every image is, to a certain extent, a documentary evidence of their existence and the author himself is a living witness of it. These personifications embody a definite tchakra, i.e. they are governing it in the hierarchic Body. The so-called Spiritual Triade the Rising Sequence of Levels is as follows (fragments):
1) Mental centre The Angel of Sun;
2) Throat centre Venus, Mother of Stone
3) The Archistrategist with a sword Mercury;
4) Heart the Sun centre of the system
5) Mother of Light Jupiter
6) Master Morya Mars
7) Mother of the Lightning (Magdalene, loved by God) Uranus
8) The Person of Saturn
9) Serafim Neptune.

(A. Rekunenko)