The pictures represented at this gallery are the symbols of energetic levels imprinted in the mineral of colors.
       I should say that our school, or group works in initiating regime where the specific levels of meditation are reached, the join in new energetic cosmic flows occurs - that is the mystery when a group organism works in the specific rhythms of cosmos. As a matter of fact it's not a kind of work , it is Life at the levels of soul and Spirit. As a result the connection with certain hierarchical workers is established. So that each mysterial section would be fixed and obtain flesh Sasha paints a picture. At first he makes a texture (as a rule, the evidence which he had lies at the basis of image) and after the plot is painted I have to work with Sasha very tightly and highly in pair meditation and he paints eyes in the process, i.e. he fixes energy of the eyes. Remember, for example, in Taoism the "Gold book" says that no one saw God but God is manifested through human eyes. If we speak about dense texture cosmic energies of intensive nature are focused - of all our bodies - precisely in the eyes, they have a special effect power . Now you have noted the effect when the portrait "followed" us as we went to another room. You have the correct perception of it as a living being. And when eyes are painted during meditation then the whole texture is spiritualized. It even happens that the picture or portrait are well painted professionally, Sasha (Taurus as the Zodiacal sign) - is a man of texture, he is a good judge in it, he loves it; but the texture of the picture often fixes the involutive flow of energy downward; but when a pair meditation begins and the energies of eyes ascend the entire work is energetically transfigured in the most astonishing way though only eyes were repainted. Sometimes group meditation takes part in it, sometimes pair meditation is sufficient. Many of these pictures were painted such way.
       Sasha told you that at that stage we fixed energies of people born in 60-es, 70-es, the energy of these years, do you understand? Here we are adult people, we lived in 40-es, 50-es, 60-es, 70-es and each time the cosmic astrological figure changed; mainly it is connected with the motion of the higher planets, we had completely different configurations of cosmic powers, flows, characteristics of people born at that time, another policy, we could forecast the social situation, our personal life. The spiritual work of the group, the ashram, is entirely subordinated to the cosmic, astrological rhythms. It is possible to say that this principle underlies the scientific approach to meditation, to recognition of energies, to prognostication, to personality purification, to evidences and hierarchical visions. These pictures fix the specific stage of work and specific decades, it is not sure to be a generation but the energy of a decade itself, the energy of the years in that period.
       Which is also good that is: if some new people come to the ashram and pass initial interviews they usually begin to work with the portraits of different years. Let's suppose, they come to the place where the picture is, they start meditating and the centers get disclosed in them, the flow descends, when the center is opened the circular aura appears. The nimbuses we see on icons - are the pictured meditating energy centers. You probably know already about the energy centers in the ether body of a man, nowadays this knowledge is rather popular. Each center corresponds to an endocrine gland in our organism: for example, to epiphysis, to hypophysis, to the thyroid gland; and you know that when the cosmic flow descends it passes first into the center in the ether body called chakra, it accumulates there, and then energetically passes into our gland: the thyroid, the thymus; the gland separates the necessary hormones into the organism. In fact the passage is like this: cosmos, flow, open chakra and finally gland. Why, for example, when we are in love, in creation or exploit - we eat little, we don't want to sleep but for some reason we're full of energy? It happens because while inspiration (etymology of word "inspiration" is - into Spirit or even coming into Spirit) the cosmic energy penetrates us normally and we are open to it. All creative processes are built on it; whether poets, writers or artists are aware of it or not - this mechanism works at all times. And when a center-chakra returns to the flow as a flower to the sun then man has the nimbus-shaped aura. In principle, the whole ashram and the creative work are based on the contact with cosmos, with Hierarchy, it is based on the contact with the channels of Masters, on recognition of what Master at which step leads the group. But now I specify to you only some working moments and do it briefly. Thus, painting a picture is only one of the fixings at the end of each initiating group step. I tell you this so that to you would understand why this exhibition is so special.
       Moreover, if you look at this portrait with your usual, ordinary eye, for example, you will be tired on coming here, the eyes on the pictures may seem to you protruding, unnatural but this image is meditative; when man is in his creative love, in radiance, in inspiration then he has this look. So, if you calm down, have a sit opposite this portrait and unite with it through the eyes you will feel something completely unusual; in your fine bodies the meditative flow will repeat itself in absolutely exact way, you will perceive it as the energetic shaft which entered in you. You will feel some expansion - it means that your centers-chakras started opening. Even if you have never meditated consciously - you will make it. Therefore meditative portrait is very important for communication not only with the onlooker at the exhibition but always either with some person or the whole group.

(fragment of lecture by L.Y. Reznik at the exhibition of A. Rekunenko's pictures in Moscow municipal Duma)