1. The first of three statements of the studies of Timeless Wisdom, planned by Hierarchy and entrusted to Tibetan Master, were given to the world through H.P. Blavatsky between 1875 and 1890 - in the period of fifteen years. D.K. called it a "preparatory" phase of the studies.

       2.The second was transmitted during the thirty-year period through Alice A.Bailey - from 1919 through 1949.

       3.The third and final aspect will be presented by D.K. in the beginning of the following century through a prepared initiate, since, as He asserts, "another series of the treatises is in prospect, connecting the material knowledge of man with the science of the initiates".

       He also categorically declares, that the task of those, who assume and try to use the studies creatively in the remaining years of the century must be " dedicated to the overestimation of the sacred things of human existence, to a change of humanity life-style, to the consolidation of new civilization on the foundation of the old one and reorganization of world mentality, world policy, plus to the redistribution of world resources according to the divine purpose. Only then carrying the revelation further becomes possible." In this number of statements and "revelations" D.K. also predicted the stage of "revelation", whose transmitters, beginning from 1975, are radio and, undoubtedly, the television. Obviously, He meant the comprehensive interpretation of the existing studies with the indication of their application methods to the present world and human problems - such is their purpose. This work has already begun and is growing powerful.

(A. A. Bailey "The Call of Hierarchy")

       One of the authors continuing the statement of Universal Teaching at the stage of Revelation, which includes not only occult knowledge, but experiment also, is Spiritual Teacher Ludmila Reznik. There are two books of series "Revelation Mystery" written by her. The first book is dedicated to the general problems of human Soul and contains the texts of conversations and meditations carried out with the working groups in 1984 -1985 in different parts of the country. The second book is dedicated to the pair relations of man and woman, examined from a spiritual point of view. It consists of the records of spiritual conversations, consultations with the pairs and group works, in the period from 1982 till 1998.

       The author of the book does not pretend to the individual succession in the promulgation of Universal Teaching at the stage of "Revelation", which Tibetan predicted. At the same time, using knowledge and methodology, opened in the foregoing stages, the author deepens and enlarges the approach to the process of initiation, introducing the principles of spiritual transformation into the spheres of the prevailing human interests, such as: family, man-woman relation, policy, ideology and religion.

       The methods of solving the problems arising in these spheres are represented by the contacts of the leader with the individual people which participated in the group work in the described period. The spiritual analysis of situations appears documentary and demonstratively.

       The merit of the book - is in expansion and the description of principles of spiritual mystery, whereas in the foregoing sources there are only general references about its existence.

       The concept of "mystery" by itself expresses the interconnection of the Higher planes of existences with the lower ones which appear to be just their reflection. When a disciple working in the esoteric group traces all events of external life to their primordial reason on the Higher planes and recognizes esoteric basis in each phenomenon, it is possible to say that he became a conscious participant of the mystery, which is the externalization of initiation process.

       The studies stated by L. Reznik also apply to audio and video cassettes.

       The work started by her more than 30 years ago continues up to now.